What Makes the E-Cigarette Different from Normal Cigars?

Are you interested in smoking ad you would really wish to make comparisons between e-cigarettes and the normal cigars? If yes, then this article will have to take you through a number of insights that are necessary for you to know before you make a decision to resort either in the vaping or smoking. E-cigarettes are basically the electronic cigarettes that have been invented to supplement the normal cigars that we have known all along. They are battery operated. This means that their mode of heating is electronic. They therefore rely on the batter for them to be able to heat or vaporize the e-liquid that is in their reservoir. The liquid is commonly known as the e-liquid. It contains some elements of tobacco like nicotine. Once the battery ignites the device, the liquid is vaporized and the steam is available for you to inhale.  Once you inhale such vapor, you will have the same effects or impacts that you could have had if you had smoked the normal cigar. The following are some of the aspects that you need to know about the two types of cigars in question;

  • What is inhaled
  • Mode of function
  • Cost

What is inhaled?

As much as you may think that you have two alternatives from which you can make a decision, it is important to realize that at the end of the day, you will have to inhale what you want to inhale. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the e-cigarettes or the normal cigars. What matters is the content that you have bought. This therefore means that if you have bought the cigar that is made up of the tobacco, that is exactly what you will have to inhale. Similar case applies to you if you are using the e-cigar that is filled with the tobacco e-liquid. The difference may be able to be the quantity of smoke that the two options produce.

Mode of function

There is a big difference between the mode of function between the normal cigar and the electronic cigar. The difference lies on how they function. The electronic one uses the battery to burn up the e-liquid so as it can produce the vapor that you will inhale. On the other hand, the normal cigar is literary lit by any source of heat that can be at your disposal. This will eventually heat up your tobacco so that it can produce a smoke with some odor that you will inhale. Once inhaled, you will be able to feel the sensation. It then burns till it burns up. You will need a new one in the next smoking session.


Since the two are so much different as illustrated from above, you can therefore expect them to attract different costs that are determined by the demand from the respective consumers. You will have to buy the e-cigarettes once and use it for a while whereas the normal cigars can be bought severally hence probably the lower costs.

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Comparison Between E-Cigarettes and Normal Cigars

The population that smokes is increasing very fast. This can be attributed with the impacts that the influence is causing all over the world. This has led to amazing discoveries pertaining to the smoking experience. It has led to amazing invention of e-cigarettes that are growing to be very common in the world today. In Australia, many youths are increasingly becoming smokers. However, they are using the e-liquids to quench their thirst for nicotine. The invention and discovery of the electronic cigars has really seen the number of people smoking increasing very fast. If you have been trying to know about the e-liquids, you are probably reading the right article. This article will take you through awesome differences and similarities that exist between the normal cigars and the electronic ones. When you are aware of the information regarding to them, you can now comfortably stand a better chance to make a perfect decision pertaining the smoking of tobacco. This is because both of them can be used to smoke tobacco. The following are the facts that you need to know about e-cigars and normal cigars;

  • Cost implications
  • Mode of heating
  • Efficiency in smoking

Cost implications

As a regular smoker, you will have to mind so much about the cost implications that are related to the smoking of your favorite brand. This is because of the fact that there may come some addictions that you will have to serve in the future. For this reason, you will have to go for the mode that will have to take great care of your pocket. If you opt to use the e-cigarettes, you will be assured that you will incur considerable amount of money as the initial cost. Thereafter, you will only be required to periodically charge its battery for it to keep on serving you effectively. If you opt for the normal cigars, you will enjoy buying them at a lesser cost but you will buy them frequently.

Mode of heating

Normal cigar will rely on the heating directly of the tobacco for it to produce the smoke that you will inhale. On the other hand, if you are using the e-cigarette, you will have to heat the tobacco vapor electronically. The charged battery will heat the e-liquid to produce vapor. It is the vapor that you are interested in. it contains the nicotine that is produced after the liquid present in your electronic gadget is heated by your charged battery. The battery can be recharged for several operations for it to serve your smoking experience.

Efficiency in smoking

Both of the two options for smoking are efficient to you as a smoker. You can therefore opt for the one that you think is more appropriate. If you do not like smoke, then you will have to shift to the e-cigars because they do not produce any smoke but the vapor. You will therefore inhale the vapor and get the desired sensation that is associated with the consumption of tobacco and feel great once more.

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